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Who we are

Flynk is a specialist technology firm excelling in providing solutions to forward-thinking companies wishing to enhance their business with the latest technologies and innovation. Our experience spans digital media, e-commerce, enterprise software, healthcare, and biomedical R&D.

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Why are we different

Flynk is dedicated to high-quality software engineering utilising both onshore and offshore developers to maintain excellence whilst maximising cost efficiencies we can pass on to our clients. This model also negates the high communication-risk commonly associated with off-shore development.

More about our services

What we do

Flynk helps businesses navigate the complexities, and take advantage of the opportunities the latest technologies provide. With strategic clarity, we implement specific solutions helping businesses to the next level whether it be mobile apps, web, or core software technology.

Part-time CTO

We can provide part-time CTO services for companies that are either too small for a full-time position or require an interim solution for the moment or to lead a specific project.

Technology Consulting

The right path in tech is often counter-intuitive. We can help navigate the complexity and formulate strategic clarity to ensure your limited capital is deployed prudently.

Software R&D

We specialise in building software from the ground up. We are in our element developing unique software technologies. Let us handle your software challenges.

Mobile Apps

We build cross-platform mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

Websites and WebApps

We build single page web applications and both static and CMS backed websites.

Support & Maintenance

We help support and maintain your existing software or software we have built for you.

what people say

Outsourcing development resource to a third party is always risky, Flynk came recommended by a top tier VC fund here in Sydney and I’ve been incredibly happy with their structured work processes, broad knowledge and quality code to date.
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I’ve been working with Flynk for just over a year now and it has been a dream. I’ve found my development unicorn. The icing on the cake is the price. They are extraordinarily competitive. For all these reasons and more, I can’t recommend Flynk enough!!
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We Listen To Understand

We believe it is critically important to understand both your business and the customer/end-user to make truly excellent and elegant solutions. Seeking first to understand is in our DNA.


Expert Analysis Engineering Discipline

We aim to establish technical strategic clarity through keen and disciplined analysis to ensure effort and capital is efficiently deployed in a way that delivers real impact for your business.


Best Practice Diligent Execution

We utilise best practice process, tools, and technologies to deliver great outcomes for our clients. We take pride in our work and a diligent pursuit of excellence is in our DNA.



We’ve designed an app so you can start your investment journey, with virtually. The kwala app is friendly, easy-to-use, providing access to some of the most dynamic and future-focused companies on the planet.

Particular Audience

You have your commerce platform, we are the AI layer on top Superhuman merchandising, product list personalization that supports the needs of your retail business

Red Soda

Wedding music with soul to CELEBRATE your love. Red Soda makes live music the easiest thing to plan for your wedding. Although simple on the surface, the beautiful quote generation web interface is just the tip of the iceberg which is a complex end-to-end booking and event management platform featuring distance and location-based pricing as well as multi-party offer/acceptance scheduling.

Stock Share is a perfect example of the feature-rich and sophisticated solutions Flynk's expertise can create for you. However ambitious your vision is, let Flynk deliver your innovation.


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